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Inline Skate Buying Guide-Choosing an inline skate can be confusing and frustrating for a new skater.  The two most important things you need to consider before purchasing new skates are comfort and support.  If the skate does not fit you comfortably then you won't wear it.  If it doesn't support you properly, you could become injured or have problems skating.  Take time when selecting you new skates.

 Choose Your Wheels Wisely-Choosing a Durometer
You don’t have to use the same durometer on all your wheels. Some skaters use a mix wheel hardness for a comfortable grip to the ground and absorption of shock.  If you decide to mix your wheels take a look at the following first.

Rocker n' Roll -The curve of an ice skate blade allows the ice skater to turn tighter, carve harder and have less resistance to forward motion than a flat blade. This same idea can work for inline skaters when rockering the four wheels. 


All About Skate Bearings- When all levels of ABEC are made with the same standard of quality, a ball-bearing in an ABEC 5 will spin faster because it has less room to move laterally, thus all it's energy is propelled forward. The unfortunate part is that not all inline skate bearings are made to a high standard.

Inline Skate Maintenance -When you skate you move forward by putting pressure on the inside edge of your skate wheels. After awhile the wheels start to wear down on the inside causing the surface to be uneven. It is a good idea to check them out each time you go out skating, but not many of us do.




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